Love & Mercy 
The Dan Mackin ORIGINAL signed by Brian Wilson

Love and Mercy original painting by Dan Mackin and signed by Brian Wilson

There is ONLY one signed original... and this is your chance to add the treasure to your collection!  
This original is 48" tall by 36" wide painting has been signed in silver sharpie by Brain Wilson with Dan Mackin at his side.
Heart on tree in the Love and Mercy painting by Dan Mackin
On the trunk of the palm tree there is a carving of M.L. + B.W. (Melinda Ledbetter and Brian Wilson)
DID YOU KNOW... Love and Mercy is one of Brian Wilson's favorites, as they named the movie with that title and he always ends his concerts with that song.  If you listen to the lyrics, it tells of him in different places thinking of all the pain and suffering in the world, wishing there were more people showing love and mercy to everyone.

Please contact me (Dan Mackin) if interested in this original painting.