Limited Edition Lithographs

Limited Edition Lithographs are printed on acid free 130 pound cover stock using fade resistant inks. The finest printers produce these archival quality reproductions in the art business. A certificate of authenticity is available.

After Mackin inspects the print, he personally signs and numbers each one. When framed, any of these large size lithographs will add a window of paradise to your décor.

For current availability and pricing of giclées call area code 772 number 546 3008 or complete our convenient Contact Us Form.

Please visit my Image Library and enjoy paradise!

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Dan Mackin: Tropical BreezeTropical Breeze 

19" x 38" Signed & Numbered Edition of 850

INSPIRATION for Tropical Breeze: Much of the tropical coastline and islands lie within the trade winds. These wind's music is played by dancing palm fronds and tiny waves pushed up by the breeze.

Dan Mackin: On HolidayOn Holiday 

20" x28" Signed & Numbered Edition of 850


INSPIRATION for On Holiday: On holiday is what Europeans describe as what we call on vacation. One time when I was doing a show at the Wyland Gallery at Disney World, some British people came into the gallery and said "These paintings make me feel like I'm on holiday in the Caribbean!" So, I had to do a painting worthy of that expression.

Dan Mackin: First SwimFirst Swim  

11-1/2" x 14" Open Edition

21-1/2" x 39" Open Edition  

INSPIRATION for First Swim: Right after sea turtles break through their eggs, they crawl to the water using a mysterious navigation system; the same one that will bring them back to the same spot to lay their eggs 40 years later.

Dan Mackin: Birds In The MoonlightBirds In The Moonlight 

13-1/4" x 39" Open Edition 

INSPIRATION for Birds In The Moonlight: The birds are birds of paradise that look up to a perfect full moon.

Dan Mackin: Morning Glory BayMorning Glory Bay 

13-1/4" x 39" Open Edition 

INSPIRATION for Morning Glory Bay: The morning glories climb up palm trunks to get a better view of their neighboring islands that is little more that a sand spit with some palm trees.